Robbie Harris

Robbie Harris is a bird breeder and the author of "The Grey-cheeked Parakeet and Other Brotogeris." The book was published in 1985 by T.H.F. Publications, Neptune City, NJ.

To quote the back of the book cover, "This work offers the first detailed coverage of these popular species, all the related species in the genus Brotogeris are covered as well--Canary-wings, Cobalt-wings, Orange-chins, and Tuis, for example. Special attention has been given to assembling a photographic record of the characteristics that distinguish the species. Methods for breeding these appealing birds and advice on how to solve problems are only part of this vital new book, for it considers their pet potential and discusses taming, talking, and trick training as well. Recommendations for feeding, housing, and care are thoroughly illustrated in more than eighty photos. She has been raising and breeding grey cheeks."

Although Harris' book is currently out of print, one can generally find a few copies available online at and other locations. You might also request to borrow it via interlibrary loan from your local public library.

Several years ago, Robbie Harris, gave the site owner permission to reprint her articles online. Here is what there is so far at this site and elsewhere online:
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