June 18, 2010

New Location for the Grey-cheeked Parakeet Web site

Hi all! Yes, I am finally getting around to moving the web site to this location where it'll be easier to take care of, easier to navigate, and will be updated more readily. Face it, the old site was ugly, out of date, and an embarrassment.

I originally created the Grey-cheeked Parakeet Web site, because I had acquired a grey cheek as a pet, and she was quite a handful. There was absolutely no information about them at all on the Web. Before creating the site, I provided some information about grey cheeks to the Pet Bird Page. There was an overwhelming response of email from that page with questions I felt ill-equipped to handle. So, I did something about it. I put up my own website, in 1995, and spent the next couple of years extensively researching the species. It expanded to cover information about the rest of the Brotogeris family and information about caring for caged birds as well. When Kiwi became ill, the research turned to medical problems associated with these birds. Sadly, Kiwi (pictured above) passed in November of 1998. This site is dedicated to her.

Please note that I am NOT a grey cheek breeder, so please don't ask me if I have any to sell. I do not. I am merely a former grey cheek owner.

With the status of 'near-threatened' for many years, grey cheeks are now an endangered species.

Ladyhawke is owned by a green-cheeked conure, three tiels, and a budgie and has been owned by pet birds for 34 years.

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