June 19, 2010

Pet Bird Care: Grooming

Topics: avian beak trimming, proper toenail clipping for birds, and correct wing-clipping techniques - do a Google search on any of the grooming topics above to find current articles online.
Web sites with links to numerous articles:
Select online articles:
For further reading, here are articles from various bird publications that you might be able to find at your local library. If none of these publications are available in your library, most libraries have an interlibrary loan service (may be a fee involved). Merely provide them with one or more of these citations.
  • Gonzalez, Fran. "Wing Clipping Basics," Bird Talk, 14 (May 1996): 72-75.
  • Kikuchi, June. "Grooming—Just Do It! Keep your bird safe and healthy with these simple grooming tips," Birds USA, (1997/98): 108-109.
  • Mizera, Richard. "Small Birds: Time for a Trim—Here's How," Bird Talk, 19 (Apr. 2001): 72-73.
  • Samuelson, Phil. "Clip Those Wings!" Bird Talk, 12 (Apr. 1994): 72.
  • Wissman, Margaret A. "Proper Toenail Clipping," Bird Talk, 14 (Apr. 1996): 28-29.
  • Wissman, Margaret A. and Bill Parsons. "Correct Wing-Clipping Techniques," Bird Talk, 11 (May 1993): 69.

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